This month, Steve Moramarco hosts a ‘telethon’ benefiting survivors of the recent 9.0 Los Angeles earthquake.


"The Save LA Telethon" was inspired by both the non-fictionalized fantasy of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast and the groan-inducing telethons of iconic comedian Jerry Lewis.  The Canon decided to write songs imagining life in Los Angeles after the inevitable “Big One” of legend strikes.  It seemed to us that a goony telethon for charity would be a likely way for the city to unite and face this disaster head on (and a fun way to tie our program together).  We hope you enjoy “The Save LA Telethon”.


Johnny O’Donnell & Sacramento “Skeletal City”
Airships “Swingin’ Digs”
Rachel Fannan & Michael Harris “Sosneado”
Gabriel Hart & The Savage Gospel “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Cease to Shine”
John Carpenter “Slowly to the Shadows”
Warren John Thomas II & Jada Wagonsomer “Pearl Amidst the Plague”

Produced by Eric Rennaker @ Zombeat Recordings.


Note: If you have any questions, please feel free to “Ask the Canon” (located on the left sidebar beneath our logo).

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